Specialised Pallet Jack

Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks 685mm Width

Part No: NS-PJ-685-SS
NS-PJ-685-SS Stainless Steel, 2000kg Capacity
$2,986.00 excl tax

Stubbie Short Pallet Jack

Part No: NS-AC25-800
Industrial Quality Equipment used across many industries. Designed and Manufactured to meet the highest demand applications industries have to offer.
$499.00 excl tax $457.00 excl tax

Special Super Narrow Pallet Jacks 320mm Wide

Part No: NS-WBF320SPW
NS-WBF320SPW has Rubber grip handles, Urethane wheels, 12 lubrication points
$1,099.00 excl tax $910.00 excl tax

Special Traverse Pallet Jacks 685mm Width

NS-PJ-TRAV has 4 way steer, 1500kg capacity, Urethane wheels
$999.00 excl tax $880.00 excl tax

Rough All Terrain Pallet Jack 1250Kg

Part No: NS-PJ-AT
The Rough Terrain Pallet Jack is the perfect means of moving pallets outside on rough or uneven surfaces where a pallet jack or forklift can't go due to their weight.
$1,700.00 excl tax

Quick Lift Narrow Euro 2.5 Ton Pallet Jacks

Part No: NS-QLNE25T
Up 2.5 Ton capacity - EP QUICKLIFT Pallet Jack, Heavy Duty Integrated Pump and Frame Design, Suitable for narrow pallets, Euro, Skids, Custom pallets etc
$552.00 excl tax

Paper Roll Pallet Jack

Part No: NS-PJ-PR
Paper Roll Pallet Jack 1500kg SWL. Heavy Duty AC Pump and Frame Design, Suitable for paper rolls, carpets, textiles & other materials
$1,135.00 excl tax

Long Pallet Jack 2000Kg 1800 x 685

Part No: NS-PJ1800B
The NS-PJ1800B is a long series pallet truck with extra long forks for moving long pallets and unusual sized objects. Entry and Exit rollers prevent physical exertion of the operator and protect load roller and pallet. 3-Position control handle, lower, neutral & lift.
$895.00 excl tax

Extra Long 1.6m Forks Pallet Jacks

Part No: NS-PJ-ELF16
Up to 2.5Ton Capacity - 1600mm Long Tines, Suitable for all your Pallet lifting needs, standard Australian sized pallets, long custom pallets, formwork, moving furniture/machinery etc, Pallet Entry Wheels make it easier to enter pallet
$737.00 excl tax

4 Way Pallet Jack

Part No: NS-PJ-4W
Huge range of Pallet Trucks & Pallet Jacks for sale or hire Australia-wide. A Pallet Jack, also known as a Pallet Truck is a tool used to lift and move pallets easily and Safety. Equipment Warehouse offers a wide range of quality hand truck designed to reduce manual handing strain in the workplace. The S4W Four way pallet jack is perfect for getting into those pallets into those awkward areas a forklift can't get into with the option of going backwards and forwards and also side to side.
$590.00 excl tax

Short and Narrow 2.5 Ton Pallet Jack

Part No: NS-PJ-SN25T
Suitable for all your custom lifting needs – vending machines, machinery, short pallets, equipment, packaging, moving safes etc, Fork Width 550mm (W) x Fork Length 700mm (L), Min - Max. Fork Height: 85mm-195mm
$510.00 excl tax